Saturday, October 31, 2015

2015 Potter Village 5K

We began having a neighborhood Halloween party around five years ago, though often it has been cancelled due to inclement weather (in one case, due to hurricane.) Last year organizers of the event arranged a 5K run, which I had originally enthusiastically announced interest in, and then had the decline due to a work conflict.

The race went ahead as planned, with one participant - Aaron. He had a great time as it was his first 5K and he came in first. As I recall it was a pretty miserable, rainy day, but I understand a good time was had by all.

Today, for the first time, our neighborhood party fell on Halloween day itself. And it was cool and in the mid-40s and overcast but at least it was dry. And so we held the Second Annual Potter Village 5K with three participants, all dudes - myself, Aaron and Jeremy.

Unofficial time: 21:50
Overall Place: 1st
Actual Distance: 3.2 miles

Yes, I smoked them. Had to. Okay, not by much. We each came in roughly oneminute after each other.

Four laps in the streets around our neighborhood, the first half of each lap almost entirely on a steady incline, the third-quarter lap a serious decline back to the street on which I live, which is pretty level. I'm too good on hills, and then open up my stride on the downhill, it's like walking. Each lap we received a set a beads to mark our progress.

The finish line should have been well, a tenth of a mile sooner, but we all forgot that and went all the way back to the start.

I'm still coming off marathon training, so this was pleasantly easy and I'm still a little crazy. I'm also eating a lot. At the potluck a had a piece of fried chicken, two hot dogs and a lot of other things. This morning I was at 160 lbs., and tonight there will be candy. We must be careful.

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