Sunday, October 11, 2015

Homecoming 2015

Just a beautiful weekend with friends and family in Athens, Ohio. We did this two years ago, three Yogamomz families taking over the back 40 of the Wolf homestead for some late nights of food and beverage and pool and vinyl and last night practically the entire crew was in and out of the kitchen, contributing to an amazing dinner of locally everything.

Yesterday, following the Homecoming parade (which is generally the extent of my alumni involvement) I had the chance to give our visitors a brief tour of the campus. We were fortunate to skulk the RTV building at just the right time that a generous faculty member invited us into the Patio theater where they were having tech for The Penelopiad which opens next weekend. I spent a lot of time in that theater once. An awful lot of time.

This morning my wife and I went out to the bike path for a partner run. We have never had the chance to run together, ever, really. Earlier in our relationship she might come with me, but she couldn't run so far and I wouldn't stop. Now she can run further, and I don't need to go so far nor fast.

We will head out in our own good time, time enough to get home and prepare for a normal week of school and week. Are any of them them truly normal?

Brian Blessed: I delivered a baby in a park, bit the umbilical cord and licked the infant's face 
The larger-than-life actor speaks for the first time about delivering a baby girl under a tree in Richmond Park while he was out running.
- The Telegraph, 10/7/2015

Wait ... Brian Blessed was a runner?

Walk/Run: 2.15 miles
Avg Pace: 13:38
Route: Hocking River Bike Path

Temperature: 54
Climate: cool and clear
Mood: calm and happy


Henrik said...

Well, he's done mountaineering, so I'm not surprised. Lydia and I were in the front row of an open air screening of Flash Gordon he introduced. Some foolish person handed him a microphone. He didn't keep it long.

pengo said...