Monday, September 19, 2016

Dusk Bike/Run

He bikes, I run. I did want to listen to music, but he was in need of focus and activity. I invited, he accepted, we set out.

Distance: 3.28 miles
Avg Pace: 8:33
Duration: 28:00
Route: Forest Hill Loop

He asked how fast I run. Right now? I said. I thought of my recent outings. They have not been impressive. Eight and a half? I ventured, hopefully. So I was, in a way, committed.

Temperature: 73°
Climate: hot and humid
Mood: better

Making our way through the woods he observed how dark it was getting, he's never been in these woods after dark.

Recently my wife got this headlamp, which was using in lieu of an actual lamp, in bed, because mine was broken. I imagined using that for a run after dark. What would I encounter? Skunks? Punks?

Just then I realized I wasn't really looking very far ahead of me, distracted in my thoughts and keeping my feet safely on the path. I looked up and saw a large deer, several yards ahead, swiftly make its way out of the path. It was glaring at me.

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