Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Running after dark

Weight: 166.5 lbs.
Distance: 3 miles
Time: after dusk
Weather: the cooldown, but humid
Stretches: yes
Water: yes

SOS - Rihanna
Don't Box Me In* - Stan Ridgway w/Stewart Copeland
Future Sightings - I Am The World Trade Center
Do It Now - Dubtribe Sound
Packt Like Sardines In a Crushd Tin Box - Radiohead

Summer is here, and the time is right, for running through the streets and sweating like a bull. Morning is difficult, I can't leave the wife home with the kids, she has her own business before I move onto work, and lately the afternoons have been impossible, it was ninety degrees the past two days. So, a big, fast sprint around the neighborhood after the children have gone to sleep.

I check the police blotter in the local paper, and part of where I run seems to be where a lot of muggings take place after dark. I don't have a wallet, of course, I'm a runner - but I do have a shiny new iPod Nano (it's hers, actually, but my old one has been acting funny lately) strapped to my arm. I was wondering if I wasn't pushing my luck keeping to the same route.

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