Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Another cold and dull rainy day

Weight: 165.5 lbs.
Distance: 3 miles
Stretches: yes
Water: are you kidding?
Weather: rain
Time: Noon

Reasons today's run totally sucked:
It was raining.
Though I have fashionable and stylish new glasses, they slip off my nose with the least condensation.
I have yet to get a new glasses strap.
So I wore old glasses with a perscription no less than eight years old.
They fogged up so bad I had to take them off anyway and run a little blind.
Because it was raining, I ran harder than I should have and pulled my shin splint again.
It was raining.
Because I was a little blind, and winded and in pain, I ducked not low enough under a tree branch and was poked rather viciously on the scalp.

I have decided to re-read Krakauer's Into Thin Air, if only to remind myself what truly insane training conditions are.

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