Friday, May 16, 2008

Moving forwards using all my breath

I love this song, but please .. someone ... explain the video to me.

It may rain for Sunday's run. That doesn't bother me ... as much as it raining on the boy's birthday party tomorrow. It's not wise to schedule outdoors events during May in Cleveland, but hey, the girl has a January birthday so Memphis Kiddie Park is out of the question for her.

No long runs this time out ... but every five miler I do is strong and fast. I think I have the endurance to pull this off. I cannot tell if my familiarity with the terrain will breed fondness or contempt.

In any event, I am off the the Expo. I mean, they don't call it an Expo, it's probably a card table set up outside the Convention Center. Maybe they will be selling beer.

1983 Playlist
Oblivious - Aztec Camera
The Reflex - Duran Duran
Song For A Future Generation - The B-52s
Make A Circuit With Me - The Polecats
(Let's All) Turn On - Hoodoo Gurus
Rockit - Herbie Hancock
I Melt ith You * - Modern English
Radio Free Europe - R.E.M.
Cooldown: Waling In Your Footsteps - The Police
Maniac - Michael Sembello
Shiny Shiny - Haysi Fantayzee
    (Last Year's 1983 Playlist)
    Blue Monday - New Order
    One Thing Leads To Another - The Fixx
    Catapult - R.E.M.
    A Ray Of Sunshine - Wham!
    Beating Of Hearts - XTC
    Gone Daddy Gone - Violent Femmes
    Is There Something I Should Know? - Duran Duran
Ran into Michael H. at the Expo.

"You run this?" I asked.
"Every year," he said. "You?"
"Yeah, well," I said, "I'm only doing half."
"Hell, I only do 10K."
"Oh ... that's great!"

I am a schmuck.

Run stats:
Days to Cleveland: 1 day, 8 hours
Distance: 3.6 miles
Weight: 167 lbs.
Stretches: yes
Push-ups: 25
Sit-ups: 80
Temperature: 58ยบ
Weather: cool

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