Sunday, October 05, 2008

At my last PT, handweights were included. At the same time, my meragia has intensified to the point that performing squats creates a sharp pain in my right thigh ... sometime. I am free to guess when it may strike. But it's not something you can come out of swiftly, so, you know. That sucks.

I have dropped below 165. This is a good thing, hate to be vain (can't help being vain, ackshodry) but I will be changing my clothes a lot onstage. I don't need to look buff. I just don't want to look bad.

CPT held an orientation meeting for Big Box yesterday morning. We signed contracts, went over details of the program. ATYD will be coupled with another one-act solo perf., Claus for a Moment by Jeffery Glover.

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