Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Not a good morning. The boy was up many times last night with nightmares ... he often tells us he is having nightmares when he is wide awake, I wonder if this is a ploy or if he is truly having bad thoughts. Knew we shouldn't have watched that Thomas the Tank Engine Halloween special, that was kinda spooky.

Anyway, he was up - a lot - in the middle of the night (really, I'm not kidding about that Thomas DVD) and then there's the fact that I just crash after day after day or rising at 5.30 to do strenuous (for me) exercises for an hour and a half.

Today I slept in (which is to say, past 5.30) thinking I could catch maybe a half-hour of stretches before heading off to work, and make up the rest later.

Squats are to be performed until the thigh and calf are at a ninety degree angle. This requires weight placed directly over the heels, not the middle of the foot. Two weeks ago we added a free weight that I hold straight out from my chest as I squat. After one round of squats, steps and pointwork, I began the next round of squats ...

And dropped my ass almost to the floor. No pain. I could squat that far. I couldn't squat that far before the incident.

I felt a little overwhelmed .. and then the crying started. I howled for about half a minute. I have been keeping so much anxiety and sorrow about this injury inside for so long I just popped. It was amazing. Wow.

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