Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hips (still) don't lie

Monday I worked the treadmill for the second time. I felt winded. And I was painfully (that's not the right word) aware of my knees. The pressure on my knees. The impact on my knees. Not just my left knee, my right knee. Running is a terrible thing to do to your body.

And that old, familiar ache in my right hip. On my second, short jog. Hey, old man, step aside!

My wife told me something I had not heard before (because I do not know what I am doing) about the importance of weight training as part of a good regimen. Strong muscles help cushion the blows in running. When you do not have strong calves, thighs, quads, then the only thing to cushion the jarring effect of running is the cartilage and bone. And I have felt the results.

PT has given me much stronger legs, and I hope to continue keeping them in shape as long as I choose to run. When I run. When I run.

Lately I have been hovering around 160. And the holidays are coming up. Can I say no? Can I decline that which is offered?

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Henrik said...

Yes. You. Can!