Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Had my first read-through with Ali yesterday, came in around 1:10. That isn't bad - considering I have so much I know I need to cut.

The physical therapy is becoming a concern, I think. Maybe. I can't tell. I mean, I didn't think I would be 100% immediately - or that I would be 100% ever. It is amazing how far I can bend my knee at all. It keeps improving. And yet ...

On Monday, Melissa asked me to do a move I just couldn't do - which was disheartening. I couldn't put my foot onto the bench behind me (3 feet off the ground) it was too much of a stretch for my knee.

Will I ever kneel again? Even a little bit? I haven't been able to put that kind of pressure on my knee since before I was injured. Will I run, let alone ever do any long distance running? No idea. Can I even do this show? Remains to be seen.

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