Wednesday, January 05, 2011

I came across a cache of old photos


The moral of this story is quite simple. Do not snack, lose weight.

1990 Playlist
Violence Of Summer (Power Mix) - Duran Duran
Being Boring - Pet Shop Boys
Rhymin' On The Funk - Digital Underground
Jingling Baby (Remixed But Still Jingling) - LL Cool J
Justify My Love - Madonna
The Cactus (Remix) - 3rd Bass

Last night, while running, I got the idea for a scene which I incorporated into the Centennial script before tonight's read-through rehearsal. I didn't being writing it until this morning, but I knew where it came from and where it went and where it fit. I needed one more scene to complete the picture for my main character ... and its origins were ancient.

In the past several days or weeks (I cannot tell) I have been having vivid dreams about the old days. I mean, they take place now, in the present, and I am the age I am now. But I recently discovered props and furniture and books and cassettes and reel-to-reel tape from the Guerrilla Theater Co. days in a yard sale, only they were corrupted and covered in mold.

Then I dreamed I was finally adapting this movie from the 80s for the stage, a fantasy I have had in real life for some time, only we were producing it in the old space. Only there weren't any walls.

... Great. Suddenly I am Willy Loman ...

But the scene I wrote at 5 AM this morning was based in reality, with my experiences with a certain Cleveland theater critic (no, not him) and I got to play them out in this imaginary 1936 world I have created.

I love that shit.

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 25ยบ (Here we go ...)
Weather: cool, but not bad if you are dressed for it.
Groundcover: dusted with snow
Weight: 168.5 lbs.

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