Sunday, January 16, 2011

Standing on the corner with a piece of pizza

Must find a new route away from the major thoroughfares until the snow is melted away. I can no longer manage the unshoveled sidewalks of foreclosed properties, shut-ins and Heights assholes (like that fucking condo development where the JCC used to be.)

1979 Playlist
When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty - XTC
My Sharona - The Knack
Pop Muzik - M
Making It - David Naughton
Look Back In Anger - David Bowie
Cleveland Rocks - Ian Hunter
Tusk - Fleetwood Mac
Eat To The Beat - Blondie
Deathwish (178 bpm) - The Police

Distance: 3.7 miles
Temperature: 18ยบ
Weather: cool
Groundcover: ankle-breaking hardened snow on most sidewalks
Weight: 167.5 lbs.

An evening eating spinach pie, fries and shakes at Tommy's and I still only bump up a pound? I must be doing something right.

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