Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Open Letter To Plain Dealer Ombudsman

Dear Mr. Diadiun,

I am disappointed with the scant coverage of the marathon to be found in Monday's Plain Dealer -- the printed edition. While I appreciate the use many papers makes these days of the infinite capacity of the internet, a printed record of complete race results is an important tradition.

Newspapers in cities like Boston and New York have recognize the importance of these international sporting events, and provide the complete results in their papers. It does not represent Cleveland well when its largest paper chooses to toss results onto their website.

I purchased a Plain Dealer yesterday as a memento of the race, not thinking it would be necessary to check for a special Cleveland Marathon section. I assumed it would be there, and instead found two or three articles and direction to the website. Next time I will be sure to avoid paying for your paper and instead go directly to the website.

David Hansen


Henrik said...

I'm having an odd flashback to Huntington Playhouse and the playful rants against Murry Frymer.
Some things never change.

pengo said...

Who dat?

cindy said...
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Henrik said...

Murry Frymer was the Theater critic at the PD in the 70's/ 80's. He refused to review productions at Huntington because they weren't a professional company. So, for a while there, Tom Melrose would do a quick opening spiel before the curtain went up, asking people to petition him to change his mind. Never found out if he was sucessful.

pengo said...

Nothing has changed. Not the Plain Dealer's policy toward community theaters, nor Tom Meyrose.