Monday, December 24, 2012

Plows are stranded, so we're in the bars.

We have relocated to parts south for the duration. While a good friend minds our cats and resides in our home (in case you had any direful ideas) we will be relaxing at the outlaws for an entire week. The wife and I will shift to our office away from home in an hour or so, where over the next several days she will complete her manuscript and I will write a first draft of a new children's play.

The children, meanwhile, will play with matches near the oily rags in the garage. Already, my father-in-law has shown the boy how to make an electric magnet with wire, a D-battery, and a long rusty nail. I was shocked, and then I was shocked.

The plan is also to run every day. Today is rainy but not entirely unpleasant. However, I fear the bike path may ice. Today is was simply wet, with little or not wind. Good enough, but the clown shoes get wet in little time, so I did not make my usual 4 miles, turning around early to keep my spirits bright.

Temperature: 31°
Climate: rain
Distance: 2.8 miles

Holiday Run Playlist
Christmastime In Painesville - Slack Jaw
25th December - Everything But the Girl
Last Christmas - Billie Piper
Holiday (What Do You Want?)  - Mike Doughty ft. Roseanne Cash
Must Be Santa - Bob Dylan
Christmas Is The Time To Say "I Love You" - Billy Squier
The Closing of the Year  - Wendy & Lisa

"Jingle Bell Rock". The only holiday pop song that in no way "rocks".

More recent CLE Marathon Development: I was offered the opportunity to be a "guest" blogger, which means my blog would be featured only once during the training process, either in January, when no one else has started training, or in May, after the race.

When I inquired as to whether this honor included a waiver of my registration fee to the race itself, they said no, but that I could attend the VIP Brunch on the day of the race which no runner can actually attend because it starts when the race does.

I had to decline. I am almost 45 years-old, I do not know how many marathons I have left in me. I find it ridiculous to be expected to promote and endorse this depressing road show, and also have to pay for the privilege to do it.

Some good friends threw an End-of-the-World fiesta on December 21, where I met up with a few  CLE 2012 veterans and we all began discussing plans for the new year. We were kvetching about the second half of the Cleveland Marathon, exchanging notes about the disparity of water stops, the dearth of time display clocks, the poor management of cross-traffic and the rude treatment we received from drivers, and the general war-torn state of the roads in the S. Clair-Superior neighborhood. Not one of us plan to return to the CLE in 2013.

However, they did try to turn me onto the Glass City Marathon in Toledo on April 28, 2013, but I do not believe that will fit into the larger, family schedule. Regardless, it is my resolution to hit the road almost as often in the new years as I did this year. But can I maintain a sustained level of running in the winter without the goal of a race looming? Just have to choose another race. I'm thinking it's time to try the Towpath!

Happy Holidays!

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