Saturday, September 28, 2013

Before we kick the bucket.

2013: The year Millennials discovered the word "Millennial" a term coined by William Strauss and Neil Howe in 1992 in the groundbreaking work Generations: The History of America's Future.

Nineteen Ninety-Two. You were labeled before you were born. Im'a take your grampa's etymology.

God, you people can't do anything original, can you?

In brief: Twenty years ago these sociologists predicted that the children of the Baby Boom generation would 1) over-praise their children but 2) leave them without a single job.

As Douglas Coupland described Baby Boomer cultural behavior in his novel Generation X (1991) "grabbing the best piece of cake first and then putting a barbed wire fence around the rest."

We know this. We are the generation inbetween the most self-absorbed generation in American history and the second-most self-absorbed generation in American history.

Watching it all unfold after having read the book on it only makes it that much more amusing.

Here's the thing. Before the Baby Boomers called you hipsters, they called us slackers. And they called us lazy and useless and we did that without social media. They also called us stupid. So, you know. Stop complaining about your gold-plated education.

But hey, they're not my parents.

This video might be funny.
But I can't hear it over all the whining.

2013 Playlist
The Fox - Ylvis
Royals (170 bpm) - Lorde
Walk Us Downtown - Elvis Costello & The Roots
Bezerk - Eminem
Clarity - Zedd
Mirrors (155 bpm) - Justin Timerlake
Blow Me (One Last Kiss)  - Pink
I Love It - Icona Pop
Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke

Temperature: 72°
Climate: bright and sunny
Distance: 4 miles
Weight: 174 lbs.

DANGER: Feels like a tiny piece of glass in my big left toe. Could be:
  1. Tiny piece of glass.
  2. That other thing I really don't want to think about.


Stephani Itibrout said...

What does the fox say?

pengo said...

"Totes chillax, brah! Totes chillax, brah!"