Sunday, September 15, 2013

You better run.


I remember running.

Sometimes, September is hard. I mean, it isn't, normally. I usually get in ten or more runs during the month of September, including last year. It's the best time of year to run.

But the girl's room has not yet been finished. There is only so much time in a day and after dinner, spending an hour or ninety minutes laying coats of primer and semi-gloss on the trim made for long evenings this week, indeed.

The wife's new job requires her to leave the house at seven. Packing lunches and making breakfast is entirely my responsibility, and one I have been handling just fine. But unless I get up at five am, there is no morning time for a run.

However, there is great joy in building this new bedroom for the girl. I wasn't aware it was eventually going to cost around $1,500 (paint, tools, bed, furnishings) but I look at it this way. This room doesn't get redone until at least 2021.

Temperature: 52°
Climate: cool
Distance: 3.25 miles
Weight: 175.5 lbs.

Then there is the high level of snacking that goes on in rehearsal. I feel pregnant. And yet I haven't gained a pound. Okay.

Ringfinger Playlist
Ringfinger - Nine Inch Nails 
Run Like Hell - Pink Floyd
Sin - Nine Inch Nails
Local God - Everclear
Scoff - Nirvana
Hey Man, Nice Shot (1/4 Pound) - Filter 

Last week I guy I knew in college posted, "nine inch nails' pretty hate machine goes surprising well with arthur miller's the crucible." 

These things are true.

While I can comprehend that I have owned this house for twenty years, I find it challenging to stomach the fact that next year that album will be twenty-five years-old.


Stephani Itibrout said...

I am hooked on the 5 am run. Do it.

pengo said...

Oh, believe me. If I can get to sleep before 11 PM this will happen.

Aaron Surin said...

I am very lazy. I leave the bed at 7am.

Aaron |
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