Thursday, May 08, 2014

How could I forget.

Spring 1994

Quite a day. Lessons learned:
  • I do not want to die.
  • I very much want to die at an old age surrounded by my wife and children.
  • It is best to avoid arguments on Facebook.
  • You can accidentally stumble into arguments on Facebook, in spite of your best efforts.
  • Never post a privately sent message on Facebook. Seriously, girl? No.
  • Be polite as long as you can, and then find a polite way to say fuck you.
  • Ordinary people walking through Playhouse Square love that chandelier.
Temperature: 84°
Distance: 3.25 miles

Seriously. 84 degrees after 7 PM. Never thought I would be warm again.

Last Friday the girl ran her first 5K, straight through, at Girls On The Run. The big race in Akron is in 10 days. Also, the boy turns nine. It never stops.

Running feels so good now. Apparently Vibram has settled a lawsuit regarding their FiveFingers because someone actually sued them when they didn't feel any better after running while wearing them.

Huh. Okay, I'd say that's like suing Ron Popeil because his crap doesn't really make cooking any easier - not that it isn't a viable suit, based on each company's sales pitch, just that you look like a jackass admitting you believed it.

I eschewed FiveFingers for Vibram's Minimus. Maybe the fact that my feet feel strong and fit and free of pain - as do my knees and hips and everything that used to trouble me - is not because of the shoes, but all in my head. But if I weren't satisfied with the shoes, once I'd used them ... I think I'd just throw them away.

Closer Playlist 
Closer - Nine In Nails
Very Ape * - Nirvana
Dose * - Filter
Heart Attack Man - Beastie Boys
Under - Filter
Suck - Pigface
Hands of Death (Burn Baby Burn) - Rob Zombie & Alice Cooper
Jeremy - Pearl Jam
Come Out and Play * - The Offspring

May 9, 1994. Were you there?

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