Monday, May 26, 2014

You'll never see the end of the road while you're traveling with me.

Charley Paddock, world's fastest human.
Thank you for your service.

A couple weeks ago, when my wife was at a rehearsal for her new play, we had movie night. I chose Chariots of Fire. Amazing how, when no one goes out of their way to tell a child that something is BORING, that a young person can actually find interest in something.

We never told our kids that spinach is disgusting, so they enjoy eating it. But go ahead, keep reinforcing stereotypes, nothing self-fulfilling about that.

Anyway, he is interested in history and she is really into running. They have experienced the Olympics before, there was a lot of talk about (at least, once we left Scotland.) The unbridled joy and anguish experienced on the slow-motion faces of the runners never tires.

American runner Charley Paddock (Dennis Christopher, Breaking Away, The Fan) takes his trowel from its case, the boy, surprised yelled, "He's got a knife!" We had to stop for a moment and converse about the history of starting blocks.

For our honeymoon in 1999, my wife and I took an Alaska cruise. We enjoyed the land excursions much more than life on the boat. I was interested to learn that Paddock (two gold medals, 1 silver in Atwerp 1920, one silver, Paris 1924) who was serving in the Marines during World War II died in a plane crash near Sitka, and was buried in Sitka National Cemetery.

As that was the only name familiar to me in the guide book, I thought I would search for it. But I have been to American military cemeteries before, you can't hope to find a grave without any indication of where it is. And yet, that's exactly what happened, I found Captain Paddock's stone after less than five minutes. That's my own photo at the top of the page.

Thank you, Charles William Paddock (August 11, 1900 – July 21, 1943), for your service to this nation. As a Marine, and for representing your country as a runner at not two but three Olympics (Amsterdam, 1928)

Temperature: 79° - Hot Run!
Distance: 4 miles

Romeo & Juliet 20th Anniversary Playlist
Girls & Boys - Blur
Don't Dream It's Over * - Crowded House
Loser * - Beck
Does Your Mother Know - ABBA
Mystery Dance - Elvis Costello
Walking To You - Everything But the Girl
Dumb - Nirvana
Hidden Track - The Offspring
Creep - Radiohead
Get Me - Everything But the Girl


Stephani Itibrout said...

I didn't think anyone but me actually listened to "Does Your Mother Know."

pengo said...

June 1979. Oslo, Norway. I was befriended by a small number of high school graduates whose party was taking place at the same restaurant at which we were eating. I watched them dance and smoke. Something you never forget.

Henrik said...

Really classy movie. Hudson managed to tell a lot of stories with confident narrative lines. I still love the quiet triumph of Ian Holm punching through his hat in his lonely room.

pengo said...