Sunday, December 28, 2014

We could run away to paradise.

The extended family have returned to their corners, and we remain, indulging in the hearth and patience of Chris & Con. Three movies already, in as many days. Hikes in the woods, Guinness on tap at the Skull, and evening's playing foosball, pool, and Machi Koro.

And we have three more days. The girl does her nails, the boy takes a long bath, the wife rests, and I will stretch my pampered bones.

Temperature: 38°
Distance: 4.25 miles

What are the plans for 2015? With the lowest run count since I was taking antidepressants, what place does running continue to take in my daily routine? I have a colleague whose interest rises as mine wanes, he wants to run a Half Marathon in the next year, I have been thinking of feeding off of his excitement for the endeavor to spur my own.

Also, I bought a most excellent blazer at Athens Underground. So that's cool.

Europa & The Pirate Twins Playlist
I Love You Goodbye - Thomas Dolby
Are We Ourselves?- The Fixx
Legal Tender - The B-52's
To Live and Die In L.A. - Wang Chung
Desperate But Not Serious - Adam Ant
The Mayor of Simpleton - XTC
That's Good - Devo
Cool Places * - Sparks ft. Jane Wiedlin
Talk Talk - Talk Talk
Destination Unknown - Missing Persons

Cool, damp, misty day by the Hocking River. I felt good, spirited. Untroubled and well-rested. There were only a few others on the path, sets of runners, a walker, and lots and lots of geese.

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