Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas morning surrounded by family. The children received many fascinating gifts, and they were truly grateful for them. There comes a point in a child's life when they grow from "I am so glad to have this," to "I am going to use this!" Both are joyful feelings, but I love to see to look of inspiration in their eyes upon receiving.

My mother-in-law gave the girl a pocket, leather-bound, unlined notebook. She was delighted, and very delighted. The girl told me she's apprehensive about putting anything into it, because it's so nice. I said that's why she needs to start right away, fill it up. Make your work part of it.

We were at the Skull by eleven. My wife took the picture at right and posted it on social media. Some snark, they say smile why don't you. Look closer. That is contentment.

Distance: 2.16 miles
Avg Pace: 13:25
Route: Hocking River Bike Trail Walk/Run

The wife and I took a run down by the river. It is her plan to run every day we are her, mine as well. Perhaps tomorrow I will run on my own, she apologizes for "slowing me down" but honestly, walking or running with her is what I would always prefer to do.

Merry Christmas.

Temperature: 55°
Climate: cool and damp
Mood: positive

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