Saturday, December 05, 2015

What can you buy that lifts a heavy heart up to the sky?

Nine years ago the wife got me an iPod nano for my birthday. It was first generation, 2G. It has worked like a dream the entire time. She had inscribed on the back Daddy Runs Fast - To NYC and Beyond! because I was training for the NYC marathon. It has, indeed, taken me far beyond NYC.

I tried to replace it with my new iPhone this past spring, because I wanted to use the phone to track my runs. Also, it was convenient during long runs to have a camera.

But you can't load tunes into Apple Music that you haven't purchased from the iTunes store. Some have suggested apps I could obtain, but most would necessitate transferring my song library into their desktop program. Also, with all the different apps available on what is not, by today's standards, a phone with very much memory, using it for music just seems inconvenient.

I've been using streaming services - Spotify, AppleMusic, even The Current - which have actually introduced me to a lot of new music I don't own. But sometimes what I want is what I have, to choose the exact songs I want to listen to on a given day.

I was ready to go back to using my trusty, old iPod. Unfortunately, our desktop Mac died this summer, and to save money, and because my wie has developed a serious hatred of Apple, we bought a PC.

Whether it is the PC, or because she's right and Apple is entirely evil, this new version of iTunes on my PC will not recognize my dearly beloved iPod nano.

However, when I tried finding a solution to this increasingly irritating quandary, I learned that there was a recall of first generation nanos dating back to 2011 - which is still in effect. Apparently some early nanos had batteries which could and did overheat. So I applied for an exchange, they sent me a FedEx box, and I have returned my beloved to the manufacturer.

What will they send me in return?

Distance: 3.27 miles
Avg Pace: 7:44
Route: Forest Hills Loop

The holidays, so busy! Every night a school event, a work event, dinner with family, dinner with friends, plays, plays and plays. I even learned how to make soup. No time for running.

A Christmas Carol Writing Contest awards reception is this evening! I must go iron a shirt.

Temperature: 43°
Climate: cool and clear
Weight: 160.5 lbs.
Mood: better (after running)

What's That Lyric?
Restless - New Order

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