Sunday, October 16, 2016

2016 Fall for Forest Hill 5K

Beautiful news: Last night I attended the Talespinner Children's Theatre annual benefit Harlequinade where it was announced I will be composing a new play for their 2017 season. Red Onion, White Garlic is based on a traditional Indonesian folk tale, the poster art Ali reveal last night is stunning.

Fall for Forest Hill 5K
Start: 9:00 AM
(Un)official time: 23:32
Place Men 45 - 54: 2nd

Absolutely beautiful October morning, race in the mid-60s. Lots of friends and neighbors in participation, friends of both my kids. Great Heights run in my favorite park.

Very glad the water was handed out in small Dixie cups, which I was able to drain, crumple and stick in my pocket instead of drop on the ground. I live here.

While I did not clock the race myself, several of my colleagues report the course was actually between 3.2 and 3.3 miles. My first mile was well under seven minutes, my second below fourteen. There is no way the last mile-point-one took ten minutes.

This is an "H."
However, I have to admit that last mile I began to weary and doubt. I was actually out ahead of the pack the entire race, maybe in the top ten (there were maybe fifty runners?) but I was passed by this guy and I knew he must be in my age range, and it was true, he took the top spot in our division. Wah.

But it was good. Kari asked if I had a monogrammed hat, until she realized it was the Under Armour logo. Not anymore, to me that bad boy is now an "H."

UPDATE: I came in third overall. Jesus.

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