Sunday, October 02, 2016

Mind is a razor blade.

Great Lakes Theater presents "Twelfth Night"
Overheard while canvassing ...

CITIZEN: You look familiar.
ME: I get that a lot.

Happy 5K this morning. Huh. Completely forgot about that. Well, whatever, it's not in my neighborhood so I won't accidentally run into it. Maybe next year.

Distance: 3.6 miles
Route: Forest Hill Loop

Glorious day, after the rains. Feel full-strength, though flabby. Breezing in the breeze, the thoughts kept coming and coming. Ideas; dark ideas, good ideas. Must keep running. It's the only way I can think.

Temperature: 61°
Climate: bright, clear, sunny and humid
Mood: better

Teardrop Playlist
Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad? - Moby
6 Underground - Sneaker Pimps
Heartbeats - The Knife
Bodyrock - Moby
Distractions - Zero 7
Midnight In a Perfect World * - DJ Shadow
In The Waiting Line * - Zero 7

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