Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Andersonville Run

What was supposed to be a delightful run by the lake with my daughter turned out not so great. There were miscommunications, and we ended up heading out further than we should have. She is trying to get up to speed on running, in anticipation of high school soccer, but running two miles into the wind was a bit challenging. And we still had to head back.

Then it began to rain.

Distance: 4 miles
Avg. Pace: 12:26 (walk/run)
Duration: 49:47
Route: Lake Shore Drive North

However, as things have settled down, I believe it was a good call. Got to be optimistic, right?

It's been a long vacation, even after just a few days. Fun, happy, enjoyable, but surprisingly long.

Temperature: 71 degrees
Climate: overcast & cool
Mood: not great

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