Thursday, June 15, 2017

The cares of the day seem to vanish.

Came home from theater camp today and the wife said we were all going to the gym! The entire family! That's new. I hope it occurs often. I was prepared to run the track (MapMyRun is for some reason confused entirely confused by my running on an indoor track and can provide no metrics) and the girl said she was going to run it, too.

We had our earbuds in, jazz was the order of the day me today. So we ran the 1/9 mile track for nearly nine laps and she said we would run another mile before stopping. Two miles, just checking in on laps. Running with the girl is like Fight Club ...

Distance: 2 miles
Route: Cleveland Heights Recreation Center Track
Mood: all right

What's That Lyric?
A Night In Tunisia - Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers

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