Monday, July 29, 2019

Providence Three-Mile

We’re spending a day visiting schools before the girl and I head on home tomorrow. Found one of those routes plotted on my mapping device, it was five years old it was in the 3 miles. Little did I know that in the past five years the University built the field house in my way.

Pretty town, a bit lopsided like all New England towns. Sloppy run, I forgot to bring in my running shoes last night, they’re still in the car. So I ran in my blown out, retired, marathon-seasoned walking shoes. Still, with all the driving we did yesterday and will do again tomorrow it felt good to get out.

Distance: 3 miles
Duration: 27:23
Pace: 9:07
Route: Moses Brown School neighborhood
Temperature: 76°
Climate: humid
Mood: anxious
Stretches: yes
Water: yes

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