Sunday, September 22, 2019

Chasing the clouds away.

Pre-Run Thoughts: The plan is to run twenty miles today. This is my final long run before tapering. And today my son will come with me, on his bike, traversing the distance between our house and his grandmother's.

I have made this journey several times, but always alone, and he has never made it so far. This will be an adventure. I hope it is a wise one.

We could have gone in the afternoon, but the temperature will blaze by noon. We will leave at 7:00 am. It will already be in the seventies.

For breakfast I've had buttery, garlicky spaghetti, and coffee. And water.

Distance: 20 miles
Duration: 3:13:56
Pace: 9:41
Route: Cleveland Heights to Lakewood
Temperature: 71° → 84°
Climate: bright, sunny & hot
Mood: very good
Stretches: yes
Water: yes
Energy snacks: Gatorade Prime Energy Chews, Simple Mills Soft Baked Spiced Carrot Cake Almond Flour Bar

Post-Run Realities: That was hard, and very hard. Having the boy as a companion was both emotionally satisfying, but also presented a few challenges.

He's fourteen, and has never gone twenty miles on his bike before. It took a toll on the muscles in his arms, shoulders, neck and back.

He also took two long bathroom breaks, which were opportunities for my muscles to freeze. Also, at mile three his got a flat tire, but he was also able to replace it with minimal effort, which I was entirely impressed by.

We had several additional stops to drink water, too, which were very important, too.

In fact, it was extremely good that he was along, because he carried a bag which included snacks and also water. We started shortly after sunrise, and the temperature rose our entire journey. It's a beautiful day, but hot.

The final stretch along Lake Avenue in Lakewood, was terrible. Just too bright, too hot, traversing those terrible sidewalks, and I was entirely done.

We arrived at my mom's house, but I still had to do a few laps in front of the place or I wouldn't have made twenty miles! Anyway, we had a late breakfast of bagels and I drank three glasses of water and two or orange juice.

And that was it. The time my son and I traveled across the city by foot. These days will not come again.

Week Fifteen Total: 29 miles
Total To Date: 354.5 miles

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