Sunday, January 15, 2006

... warts and all ...

Weight: 170 lbs.
Distance: 2 miles
Water: yes
Stretches: yes
Weather: Cold with residual snow on the pavement
8 Mile - Eminem
The Heart's Filthy Lesson - David Bowie
Didi (Funk Club) - Khaled
Down In The Cockpit - XTC
Suck - Pigface

Comment: So. Four years ago (I think, it may have been longer) I noticed these two hard bumps on the pad of my right foot. If only I had dispatched them then. By the time I realized they were not, as I had believed, small bits of glass that had imbedded themselves in my foot (not strange - it's happened to me before) but rather PLANTAR'S WARTS, it was too late.

I have used pads. I have used straight Compound W. I even went to my doctor, who obviously knew nothing about the condition and tried to remove them anyway - by injecting novacaine directly into the warts (okay, that was maybe the worst pain I have experienced in my life to date) and then scraping part of them away (that was the second most painful thing that's ever happened to me.)

That was in January. I have not gone to her since, and am currently looking for a new general practitioner.

I saw a specialist, who was very nice, but lived too far away. He recommended epsom salt baths (uh, just for the foot) and duct tape. But I didn't follow that remedy very religiously, it was a bad time, I was about to have another child and there was just no discipline as far as my feet were concerned, I was still getting over the fracture.

In the meantime, all of these various, failed treatments have exacerbated the condition, wheras I used to have two small warts, I know have four parge ones, clustered in a very sensitive area.

TMI? Your problem, you don't need to read this.

I am currently 1) using an epsom salt bath following runs 2) utilizing Compound W and 3) duct tape. That's working well, so far, as just yesterday a large piece of skin came off, revealing the "footprints." The first time I used acid on them, I stopped after the first layer of skin came away, thinking the footprints were just some residual thing. Now I know they are part of the wart, and mean it's still there, and angry.

Am I going to lose my foot? Can anyone explain to me what's the appropriate action?

Of course not. I have no followers yet. After this post, I may never.

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