Sunday, November 23, 2008

Bay Days

This is the "after" photo, standing in a field in Cahoon Park. You can see the former BMS in the background, a great prison-like building I was attending at the time.

I must have found that number irritating, people wear them much lower on their abdomen where they don't disrupt your movement. Looks like cardstock, boy have we changed in twenty-eight years.

Those shoes are simply awesome.

The Stay In Bay Days Five Mile Run used to begin right there at Bay Days, in Cahoon Park. It's always on July 4th, I believe at 8.30. Ten or so years ago I thought I would run it again, for the sheer amusement of it, and learned that they were now starting at the high school, presumably for organization and facilities, etc. A lot of people show up for it.

However, I miss the old route. It would go through the Metroparks, and in and around all the unusual, older neighborhoods of Bay. There were more trees, a few hills, winding terrain, I remember it being enjoyable, even if I kept my head down and had to stop and walk every half mile or so.

Now it's flat, flat, flat and lots of long, straight roads. It's kind of boring.

Distance: 3 miles
Temperature: 30 degrees & sunny!
Weight: 156 lbs.

Listening to: PODRUNNER Classic - Emotion in Motion (155 BPM)

That was so totally not below freezing, it's the Great Pre-Thanksgiving Thaw of Aught-Eight out there.

155 BPM seems to be Daddy's sweet spot right about now.

Three miles. Thank you.

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