Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Writing, not running.

Here's my dilemma ... I just got back to running a few times a week, but now it's snowy and dangerous outside. And cold, of course. I would like to sign up for a gym membership, but we're a little pinched right now and trying to cut out unnecessaries. So a treadmill is out ... and so are all of those weight machines which I seem to have no trouble using when I have a physical trainer to tell me what to do, how much, and for how long.

Keeping up with the regimen is challenging. It's not impossible. But, you know. I worry. Hopefully there will be time later today to hit the less scary parts of the neighborhood, the shoveled parts, I don't know.

It took a few months (in four segments, two weeks apart - and missing the last one) but the PU has finished hearing the &TYD.

That's my wife's appelation, by the way. Cute, right?

And word is good. I was most thrown and then moved when DM said there are places when the piece "devolves" ... (and I cringed as she lost her thought for a moment, considering if that were the right word before continuing) ... "into poetry."

Oh. Well. That's good.

FS likes the piece about the Jock in Geometry. Funny, I may be having lunch later this week with the guy I talk about in that piece. We've seen each other twince since graduation, both times at reunions. We've probably never watched each other eat in our lives.

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