Monday, November 17, 2008


Did I mention I am selling my comic book collection to finance this show? Seriously, how wildly symbolic. The show is about a cartoonist who can't shake his own adolescence, and here I am divesting myself of years of comics.

Not that I own a lot of comics, it was a regular habit for about five years, and they've just sat there in my attic since then. Hell, I had to schlep them around for a while before I could finally dump them in one place for fifteen years.

Are they even valuable? Some are. You'd be surprised what people still pay on eBay for shit, even in this economy. Not everything, mind you, interest in VHS tapes are seriously on the skids (though not entirely) and I did pick up some winners in my time. First Wolverine appearance. First appearance of the black Spider-Man/Venom suit. Things like that.

Alpha Flight? No, thank you. Sorry, Terry.

But seriously, you have got to see the shoes I got for nothing.


Art2mis said...

Do you still have any? Any Vertigo titles? Gaiman? Jill Thompson? I might be interested...

pengo said...

Nope, that was all yours. I put together a collection of SANDMAN books after you left, but I actually read those.

It's mostly 70s - 80s Marvel. And you know what? They were right - it really is crap!