Wednesday, December 17, 2008


There was some kind of special event or fund raiser going on at a local theater (not the one I work work, oddly enough.) The ground floor of the theater was very open, with large doors letting in sunlight and warm air ... and cars. People were parking in this lower level, even though it was appointed like a salon with art on the walls and carpet or rugs on the ground.

I was standing with a member of the staff, I think I was participating in the event. The guy I was with was lamenting about how the artistic director's marriage was having difficulties and that this person had taken to sleeping on a table in the theater. I was smoking a cigarette. I mean, really smoking it.

Suddenly I realized what I was doing - I hadn't had a cigarette in almost eight years! I began to despair the way I do when I realize I have fallen off the wagon with tobacco.

...and then I remembered I only smoke in my dreams! And with a big smile I said out loud, "I must be dreaming!" The person I was with just gave me an amused little smile and I took a big, long drag from the butt of the cigarette before crushing it to the floor.


Henrik said...

I love that bit where you figure out it's a dream. (The dwarf dancing backwards is a dead give away.)Often my next thought is, "I guess I can wake up now."

pengo said...

I did think to myself at the time - oh, I must be getting ready to wake up now, I always do that once I realize I am dreaming. But I didn't.