Friday, December 26, 2008

Migraine Holiday

The migarines came fast and furious for a few years, cresting in 2006 ... and then subsiding. In the past year, as med prices went up and funds dwindled, I began taking OTC drugs to alleviate the swelling in my sinuses. And that was a result of what I believe was the most successful part of my diagnosis - where my migraines start, and how to notice them starting.

It has a lot to do with allergies, for me. And so if I can take anti-allergy meds, and pain reluevers, it can subside without using the expensive, full-bore stuff.

Holidays have been ruined by migraines, especially Christmas, when I seem to get terrible, no-fun headaches. One began tonight and made me unhappy during dinner - we are celebrating "Second Christmas" in Athens with the out-laws. I went to the drug store for crystal meth starter and took two naproxen. I have that "mgraine hangover" - weak, but pain-free.

I am convinced it's the dogs. Three dogs in this house during the holidays (one of my wife's aunts brings the extra one) and maybe that has something to do with my annual Christmas horror show. After all, I did have a headache yesterday.

This is what I have to work on before the next rehearsal:

-Man is the Measure: find voice for Mr. A
-Watch ipod commercials
-Tai Chi
-unbelievable phone call
-Mr. Self-destruct: physicality of Sheba
-Fitter happier
-Marathon: old fashioned story-telling aka, Shakespearean
-At a distance: talking to the hospital; present vs. past tense.
-I need you so much closer
-The end of it all

Original word count: 12,535
November 18 word count: 12,490
Today's word count: 12,278

Show, don't tell.


chaco said...

Aww,That was so sad. Lucky that migraine is my friend, he knows when to come and not to come,especially when it is a special day.You should consult a doctor for that.

spyder ski said...

That's so sad. Im just thankful that I haven't experieced it yet.