Saturday, January 05, 2013

He's a rebel and a runner.

I hate theater.

Running once every four days does not make me happy. Long days, short nights. Tired. Running is the anti-tired ... more running, less tired. Move.

Temperature: 36°
Climate: Scary.
Distance: 3.25 miles

Baby steps. Sure, it is only a bit above freezing, and for the first time in days -- another reason I have been abstaining, I am sure -- so those stretches of pavement that had been shoveled are nearly dry. Those that weren't (I have to admit, including mine) are chock o' block with crunchy snow and very, very slippery ice.

And yet. It's Nearly Africa down a well-cleared, little-traveled side-street. I remember what it is like to run.

1982 Playlist
We R In Control - Neil Young
New World Man (158 bpm) - Rush
Twilight Zone - Golden Earring
The Loved Ones - Elvis Costello
Mustapha Dance - The Clash
English Roundabout (174 bpm) - XTC
It's Nearly Africa - XTC
Melt the Guns (182 bpm) - XTC

Prevention is better than cure. Bad apples affecting the pure.


punkinsmom said...

I love XTC and yet have never had the desire to run while listening. Stay safe. It's slippery out there. I have the bruised shin to prove it.

pengo said...

Depends on the album. You will notice those are all from English Settlement, which is quite the jumpy, thumping record.

I did not get the Yak Trax I asked for for Christmas, so I will be purchasing a set of those before the weekend is out. We will see if that makes anything safer. Thank you for the well-wishes! Sorry I called you old.