Friday, January 25, 2013

Wii Fit Plus

Suddenly encountering a former therapist in an unexpected locale can trigger flashbacks and trigger a reemergence of trauma.

Not that I would know of any of this, I think I just read it somewhere.

So winter came to the North Coast, and at the same time the commencement of tour rehearsals. I am disappointed not to get out more, but temperatures have remained below 20 degrees since Inauguration Day, sometimes in the single digits.

The past two years or more I have strapped my shoes on regardless and charged into the snow. But this is different. What started as muscle or tendon strain in my right ankle or shin has affected my calf muscle and into my thigh. While I believe I could successfully run in the ice and snow, I do not believe I could walk, anywhere, at any other time of day,

Not that non-running time has any value to me whatsoever. But I do need to go to work, feed children, and so on.

Yesterday morning I got up and my wife asked, "Why are you limping?" Seriously. She just noticed.

However, and this kills me, yes, I already mentioned this -- it was my ex-wife who reminded me that we have a Wii Fit in our house. We got it for the girl's birthday last January, but seriously, it was a family gift, one which did not interest me at all. Because, you know. I don't need that shit. I run.

Yeah, I have been using that thing every single day for over a week. It is awesome. My wife warned me not to use it just for the running program, but I don't even like to running program. Running in place is seriously tedious and uncomfortable. It's not natural, it's not how running works.

But the stretching exercises, hey, even the yoga exercises ... I think what I enjoy most about it is that I can stretch without anyone watching. Just what the wife calls the Wiiminatrix. I like to call her the Uncanny Valley Girl.

So, I have not been in the street, but I continue to exercise. It is not really worth logging here, the details, I mean. But I thought you might want to know.

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