Monday, July 29, 2013

What gravity brings to the ground.

I think I broke my little toe on my right foot last night, shuffling around before bed, headed to brush my teeth. Just crammed it into the door frame, nobody got time for that.

We have been lucky the past several years, seemed every day in the cove was sunny and warm.  That is not how I recall the vacations of my youth, there were always several cool, rainy days thrown in. And as in the days of old, we have managed those by loading the kids into somebody's car and taking them somewhere, to keep them from murdering each other in the cabin.

On Friday, it was the Knox Mansion. Yesterday, it was the Wiscasset, Waterton & Farmington Railway Museum. Charmed by the docents at each location, at the first a senior dressed entirely in a Revolutionary War uniform (the children admired his black Velcro sneakers with shiny buckles pasted on) and yesterday the conductor took all the children through their paces on a handcart and changing line signals. The girl also got to ride the diesel engine -- not as charming as the steam locomotive which was, alas, not in service this weekend.

There have been numerous cocktail hours, multiple recipes which involve peaches, the boy and I each caught a fish off the dock at the exact same time (ardently catch-and-release, the boy has not yet understood that not eating the fish does not make his pursuit "cruelty-free") and there has been much kayaking, reading, and even writing.

And running. Even on a broken toe.

Temperature: 63°
Climate: fog burning off, overcast and still
Distance: 3.8 miles

No bruising, no pain on the run. No, I do not believe I broke anything. Just sore.

And this is not the earliest I have had a beer.

Nothing Decade
No Tomorrow - Orson
Do What U Like - Bad Boy Bill
Enemy - Gabriel & Dresden
Close Your Eyes (Faze Action Mix) - Bebel Gilberto
Hang Me Out To Dry * - Cold War Kids
The Perfect Drug * -
Down To Earth - Peter Gabriel

Thank you, Michele. Your photos are better than mine.


Anonymous said...

I strongly admire your triple-negative.

Daniel Hahn said...

What kind of running shoes do your feet like?

pengo said...

These days, my feet really like zero drop shoes.

Daniel Hahn said...

Ye cats those ain't cheap. But verrrrry nice! I am of late trying out the morning jog thing, and need a lighter shoe than my clonkers, but don't want to spend a fortune on a hobby I may ditch at any moment. I've been told to look at Mizuno or Brooks, and perhaps Asics, Saucony and New Balance. My knee is tricky sometimes so who knows what may come of this recent exploration, but I've noticed that even after a morning "run" of a few minutes my little heart is pounding and I feel pretty good.

pengo said...

Ah-ha! Well, I was very happy with Asics when I was training for NYC. I tried a pair of Adidas (on sale) and they really hurt my feet.

Zero drop is more of a religion than a shoes, but after a few months I really did feel like my feet were doing all of the work my knees had been doing -- absorbing the impact, and evenly distributing it through my body, which is what feet are designed to do.

Daniel Hahn said...

I ended up going with a pair of Brooks from DSW after failing to find anything but Nike at the Foot Locker in Tower City, where I thought, you know, maybe a store called Foot Locker would have more than one brand. I do not exaggerate, it's a glorified Nike store, no other options.

Zero drop does indeed seem like a religion judging from the different user comments on various websites I've seen.

If I keep at this for any reasonable length of time I may indeed give them a whirl. For this present time I went with lightweight, support, comfort, and under a hundred clams. And a huge improvement over my white, square, heavy NB tennis shoes. Thank you for your insights!