Monday, July 22, 2013

On a hot day sip on iced latte.

Yesterday we drove all the way from Cleveland to Westport, and are staying in the new home of our friend Harris & Liz. It has been four years since I last stayed with them and their son, in their apartment in the Upper East Side during the 2009 Fringe. Since then they have had many life changes, including a new girl and each of them deciding it was time to leave Manhattan.

This morning (which is almost over) we have had a big, leisurely breakfast, a swim, and started a game of RISK with the boy which may take all day to complete. Also, the wife slept in until eleven, which she richly deserved, as she hasn't slept in about three months.

Location: Westport, CT
Temperature: 75°
Climate: overcast & humid
Distance: 2.6 miles

Harris sent me down RT. 33 to the train station, but that is a two-lane highway with little room for runners, so I turned off at the first available street with a sidewalk. Running was accomplished, up and down hills, which was fun, but also some great sightseeing, including a short walk through King's Highway Cemetery.

Love worn, 18th century headstones. Not many in the Midwest, but even here where they would be plentiful, they fade and crumble and break and return to earth. The ones that are legible are such a treasure. The 19th century stones appeared to be chiseled, they look stamped, even, as thought they were typed on. But if the date of interment begins 17-- the text inevitably looked etched, handwritten, almost. And they are much more likely to have a small picture on it.

Nothing Decade
Human After All - Daft Punk
Dangerous Power (Cicada Edit) - Gabriel & Dresden
Everyone Is Someone In L.A. - Felix da Housecat
You Use To Hold Me - Calvin Harris
Triple Trouble - Beastie Boys
Golddigger - Kanye West ft. Jamie Foxx
Beware - Punjabi MC ft. Jay-Z

Running was happening at the start of July, and then things got hot and busy. People were complaining about rain, the girl bemoaned in June how the weather wasn't summer weather. I said, "Wait."

Every moment ... work, family, house, Fringe. Then maybe time for sleep. The wife said goodbye to her former employer on Friday. I have a new title at work and new responsibilities. We can think about those things later. Right now I am hot and sweaty, and finally in the mood to get into the pool.

Double Heart at FringeNYC: Tickets now on sale.

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