Friday, August 23, 2013

Why put up with painful corns any longer?

The Oatmeal

Okay. The Oatmeal nailed it, again. I can stop blogging now, you read that and everything will be made clear to you. My work here is done.

Due to some unfortunate freak scheduling, which was no one's fault though I feel horribly responsible, I have not seen my children in two and a half weeks. I went to New York on 8/8, and when I returned ten days later they had already been taken to their grandparents' in Athens for a week-long excursion, as part of the annual scramble to occupy the kids at camps and on vacations and min-vacations while two parents try to work.

No, it's not like being in the military, two and a half weeks. But I miss my children powerfully. It is depressing. I have grown accustomed to their faces. Hearing certain recent pop songs remind me of car trips back and forth to summer camps listening to Radio Disney.

There was a bar in Avenue A which was playing virtually every top ten song of 2013 for the couple of hours we were in there. Really? Clarity makes me misty?

To cheer myself up today I bought a new running kit. New shirt, shorts, eyeglass strap and that other thing men need to run with.

Temperature: 71°
Climate: muggy
Distance: 3.25 miles

Woke this morning with a band of pain below my left knee. I think this has to do with the new seating arrangement in my new office ... or just that I have been sitting a lot the past several days, after walking non-stop for weeks. It has been a while since either of my knees hurt.

Glenview Playlist
Brick House - Commodores
D.I.Y. - Peter Gabriel
Step Right Up - Tom Waits
Follow You Follow Me - Genesis
Lady Marmalade - LaBelle
Don't Worry About the Government - Talking Heads
Dancing Queen - ABBA
Surrender - Cheap Trick

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