Saturday, April 15, 2017

Never gonna run around (and desert you.)

Puzzling evidence.
Saw a play last night - you can read about the play here - and my sciatic was acting up. Jesus, that makes me sound old "my sciatic was acting up." I'm a writer, I need to create some cheeky metaphors. Anyway, four hours in the car followed by a three mile run. Sitting and running, I need some physical therapy

It hurts to sit. This just sucks.

In any case, the morning was spent reading and ruminating, first in front of the fire, then out on the porch. Cardinals, fat bees, the almost overwhelming scent of honeysuckle. Now, running. It's just to perfect out.

Distance: 4 miles
Avg. Pace: 8:11
Duration: 32:47
Route: Hocking River Bike Path

Beautiful morning by the river, lots of students walking on bikes and skateboards, parents with their children. Just lovely. Nice run, felt relaxed, not going too fast, pleasant breeze kept things from feeling too hot. Could have pressed on, glad I did not overdo it yesterday.

Temperature: 75°
Climate: warm & overcast
Mood: good. when did I last say "good"?

Everyone is out right now, I am on my own with explicit instructions to head off somewhere once I have cleaned up to write somewhere, do that writing I have been writing about writing. I'd like to go to Donkey, but who knows, I may get distracted by the street fair.

O.U. Nostalgia Playlist
Never Gonna Give You Up  - Rick Astley
If Love Was a Train - Michelle Shocked
She's Got a Brand New Spell - Billy Bragg
Last Night - Traveling Wilburys
You Win Again * - Bee Gees
Down In It - Nine Inch Nails
Puzzlin' Evidence * - Talking Heads
Cuyahoga - R.E.M.
I'm The Man - Anthrax

No, srsly. Mah playlist got RickRolled. Speaking of which, you can actually read about last night's performance here.

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