Thursday, July 27, 2017

Road to Waldoboro

Cousin Amy was born in 1982. She's younger than I am. She's serious about running and has been extremely encouraging to me to get out onto the road.

Yesterday was my birthday, yes, hello, I am forty-nine years old. The family was over last night, cousins and second-cousins and aunts and cousins-once-removed and more cousins. Also Michele and her family have joined us. Full house!

Amy asked if I would be running today, so I said yes because it's good to say yes to things and she suggested 12 or 13 kilometers (because she lives and works in Europe, or rather anywhere that isn't America, so metric) and I said how far is that and she said six or eight miles and I said yes.

Haven't run so far since March, if then. But hey, why not?

Distance: 13 kilometers (around 8 miles)
Duration: 1:13:43
Route: Road to Waldoboro

I woke to the rain around five am. We had made a date to meet at eight am, I was going to get up at seven. Kept waking up every ten or fifteen minutes or so. Still raining. Had no rain jacket, was not looking forward to this But I wasn't going to bail. Got up, got dressed, still raining. Had coffee, cereal still rain. Five to eight, stepped out onto the road. No more rain. Held off for the entire run, That was perfect.

Temperature: 63°
Climate: overcast & damp
Mood: good

It's good to run with someone, it is a healthy distraction, and an inspiration. You can keep each other going. But Lord, all those hills. Shortly after the turn around there was a big one and I just had to walk. Too exhausted. Apart from that, however, while I did not feel my best, I did good work.

We'll see how I feel later. Meantime, there's one more piece of birthday carrot cake and that sucker is mine.

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