Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Who is the man coming down your block?

So we're doing this. Chris suggested a run when I saw him in the office yesterday, and I said yes because that's what I do. Two days in a row. It's mental, I used to run two days in a row all the time, it's all right.

But I'm definitely taking tomorrow off.

Distance: 5 miles
Avg. Pace: 8:43
Duration: 43:40
Route: Forest Hill Run

Beautiful day, great run. I really appreciate Chris pushing me like this, it's nothing but good. Getting out of bed this morning was easier than I thought it would be, I have been setting out my kit the night before, do you know how much that helps?

Temperature: 62°
Climate: cool & clear
Mood: good

Time to get to work.

Baseline: 174 lbs.
Today: 172 lbs. (-2.0)
Goal: 170 lbs.
Ideal: 165 lbs.

What's That Lyric?
The Maestro - Beastie Boys

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