Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Dazed & Contused

Still fluid under the tissue. Which makes my knee stiff on occasion. No other pain. Running is not a problem. I take Aleve, I do my carefull stretches. I apply ice. I do not run very fast. I see the doctor on Friday.

This is my four mile route, one with which I will become very familiar beginning next week. Training begins a week from today.

1975 Playlist
Low Rider - War
Rock and Roll All Nite - Kiss
The Hustle - Van McCoy and the Soul City Symphony
Love Rollercoaster - Ohio Players
Mamma Mia - ABBA
Sufferin' 'til Sufferage - Essra Mohawk
Slow Ride - Foghat
Rip It Up/Ready Teddy - John Lennon
Young Americans - David Bowie
Tush - ZZ Top
Cooldown: Time Warp - Richard O'Brien, Patricia Quinn, Little Nell & Cast

Run stats:
Distance: 4 miles
Weight: 166 lbs.
Stretches: yes
Push-ups: 30
Sit-ups: 80
Temperature: 68ยบ
Weather: warm. nice.

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