Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Interlude: She brought me on my knees. Please, baby, please.

Almost two weeks ago I got what is not an unusual complain in my left knee. I have had this trouble since I was twenty. It comes it goes. This time it did not go.

I ran again a few days later, which was not painful. But a day went by and me knee appeared visibly swollen, if not in any additional pain. It did not hurt to touch the bit which bulged out when I bent my knee. I decided I should see my doctor, which I did on Friday.

She was confused by the lack of pain in the joint itself, the only irritation is in the back of my knee, not the front, and not very much. Just what you might call "stiff." She recommended me to an orthopedic specialist - and forbid me from running until I saw him.

It took me until today to get the appointment ... which is ten days from now, on the 27th. I am supposed to begin training for NY08 at the beginning of July. Does anyone know what this guy is going to do? Drain fluid from my knee? How effing painful is that going to be? Will I be able to run soon after? Is this a recurring condition? Am I finished?

Water on the Knee Info

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