Friday, June 27, 2008

A Visit to the Doktor: Part Two

Had my MRI. They are so classy out in Richmond Hts. - they even had a list of albums you could choose to listen to. Well, not albums, just artists (let's not get too confusing) so when I chose Miles Davis I could have laid even money the album would be Kind of Blue. Which it was.

I dozed on and off, listing to Mile and what at turns sounded like either a music-free techno beat or a cat-grinder. I've had an MRI before, a few years ago. That time it was on my head, checking for a reasonable source for migraines (there is no reasonable source for migraines) and I have to say, I like an MRI better with my feet in it than my head.

They gave me a disc and said they would send the info over to Dr. V. and meanwhile I called Dr. V. and the folks there said the technology was different and so they couldn't just transmit it - I HAVE A DISC AND I WILL BRING IT OVER - I interrupted and they said great, see you soon.

So I drove the disc over, and five minutes later (I have been reading Billy Bragg's The Progressive Patriot by the way, it's very good) the Doctor said that while I definitely have swelling, he cannot tell if I have any tearing.

So I have to call on Monday.

Sigh. Anyway. I do feel fortunate I got the same amount of business done in one day that I may have accomplished in one month. So I got that going for me. I did hope to do housework, get some editing done, possibly have dinner ready by now, those were my other plans for today. But oh well.

I did stop at Coldstone Creamery after my last stop because that's what ice cream is really for. To cheer you up.

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