Friday, June 27, 2008

A Visit to the Doktor: Part One

I injured my knee three weeks ago. The day finally arrived to see the orthopedist. It is a day I have been waiting for ... and dreading.

They are super efficient and helpful at Chagrin Highlands-UH. Really, they are all fabulous. I was whisked in to get my knees x-rayed before my paperwork was through, and I barely had time to finish it before the doctor was ready to see me.

Dr. V. was very helpful and sympathetic. The good news is that the x-rays show that I have "the knees of a 20 year-old." The spacing is identical in both knees, no signs of arthritis or other joint complications like that.

The bad news, of course, is that I probably have the knees of a 20 year-old with a meniscus tear. He recommended and MRI, which I agreed to have. I mentioned I was - supposed to be - beginning training for NY08. He grimaced, but only a little, suggesting it's possible. When I mentioned I can always defer to next year, he thought that was a sound idea.

We shall see.

So my 2.5 minutes with the doctor through, I was sent out to schedule an MRI. Earliest opening: July 3rd. Two days following I can follow up with Dr. V ... oh, but he'll be out that week. And the next. Could I see him July 25th?

A month to follow up on my MRI. I was, as you could imagine, a little depressed about that. Three weeks of vacation? Doesn't suck. So I was making plans, but I asked if there wasn't anywhere, any time I could MRI sooner, or be seen by another doctor.

We were negotiating this possibility - when one of the folks there found an opening TODAY at 1 PM t a different facility, am I available? YES, I AM.

AND Dr. V. wants me to call this afternoon to confer on what it says, he told me this himself. And I found out he's not going on vacation, he's having shoulder surgery. Oh. So, uh, sorry.

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