Saturday, April 11, 2009

Swallowed by the crack


I wish I had taken pictures of my right foot, from back in the day when I had Plantar warts (past tense, hard to believe, past tense.) I thought of that from time to time, but never believeing there would be an end, I didn't seriously believe there would be any change, or any progress. It was depressing. Now I could look at them and marvel.

At the very worst stage, maybe a year and a half ago, I developed a fissue - no, not that kind of fissue, it was in the pad of my foot, a nasty rift between two warts. The doctor told me to take it easy at that point, to let it heal before we proceeded. I had gone too far.

It is now, that the warts are gone, that I understand why gouging them out and stitching my foot was the path of last resort. From time to time I have felt a tingling in my foot, one which makes me believe the area is not clear, that there may still be activity, that they have not gone away. And then I check the area and find it remains smooth, no sign of new warts, none at all.

And then I use a bright light and I could see it, barely perceptiable the scar from the fissure. That's what tingles from time to time. That area has been affected, nerves have been slightly damaged. If they had extracted the warts, it would have been much more damaging, much more serious.

From time to time, I learn that it is possible to trust a doctor.

* Too Much Foot Information

Distance: 4.25 miles
Temperature: 58ยบ

WARNING: Nostalgia

This is where we shopped. This is where we laughed.
Take a picture here. Take a souvenir.

They remodeled the Kroger's. They had done this before, but never so extensively. It was a bit of a shock. In fall, 1986 my girlfriend and I went shopping for dorm food here, just as we had gone shopping for her family at the supermarket of West 25th Street and Clark that summer. Grocery shopping with her was a very romantic thing to do, it felt very grown-up, it was couplish.

After she left and in the years that followed, there were stops with friends, of course - after hours avdentures in the middle of sweltering summer after the station went off the air, getting snacks and snacks and more snacks. The only souls in there, we owned that place.

And on and on ... in recent years I would fear running into my former in-laws there, but they have moved. Even after their most recent redesign the layout of the place had more or less remained the same, and more than any other building or location in this city, that place held strange ghosts.

But not now, not really. Not so much. I had to force myself to see things that weren't there, and then stopped. The wine and beer section by the dairy, always such a dark warren, a foreign outpost at the far reaches of the frozen (food) wilderness, its all bust open now, and too brightly lit for my taste. The organics grown near where they used to, but their soil was so long sown with the acidity of the canned tomato aisle I find it difficult to believe the milk is any good.

I could go on. Time here gives me the opportunity to let my mind wander. I rpomised the wife I would only sit on the Internet to log my runs, and so I use that as an excuse to write nonsense. Still, it's fun.

1986 Playlist
The Boy In the Bubble - Paul Simon
Pretty In Pink - Psychadelic Furs
Breakout - Swing Out Sister
The Brazilian - Genesis
I Walk Away - Crowded House
The Future's So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades (158 bpm) - Timbuk 3
I Am Superman - R.E.M.
The Edge of Heaven - Wham!
Girls & Boys - Prince
Hold It Now, Hit It - The Beastie Boys
Swallowed By the Cracks - David & David

"I Am Superman." Hmn. I never considered it before, but for R.E.M., this track shows the musical accomplsihment and emotional maturity of The Beatles' "Run For Your Life."

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