Sunday, May 17, 2009

I want to do something that matters

Edit the blurb! I need to have a punchy, accurate, 40-word description of the show. At right is the current revision, I need to trim four words.

(Oh, and please feel free to re-write the entire thing.)

Welcome Sabrina - our Authorized Company Representative!
Every show at the Fringe requires one person in the company who is not involved with the actual performing of the show - can't be an actor, stage manager, what have you - to represent the company during a performance. You know, in case of emergency or other issues the participants can't deal with right then.

But ACR's do have other responsibilities as well. Last time Brian P. was our ACR, and while he handled absolutely everything with aplomb, there were a couple of issues regarding the performance site and other issues which may have been better handled by having someone in New York City to deal with them. Live and learn.

Sabrina is a professional theater artist, and was even a member of the ANGST:84 company, way back in the dewy mists of time.

1994 Playlist
(Only five years to go...)
I Do Not Want This - Nine Inch Nails
Loser (171 BPM) - Beck
Sure Shot/Sabotage (167 BPM) - The Beastie Boys
Supernova - Liz Phair
Metropolis - Alloy Orchestra
Gel - Collective Soul
Locked Out - Crowed House

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 47ยบ
Weather: sunny
Weight: 155 lbs.

No, I did not run the Cleveland Marathon this morning. Are you nuts? It's cold out. Besides, I saw the route. It's not really the Cleveland Marathon this year, it's the Don't Look At That, Look Over Here At Lakewood! Marathon.

It amuses me that while combating the Denebian slime devil, James T. Kirk had this song playing in the soundtrack of youthful memory.

But then, he doesn't say "sabotage." He says "sobataghe."


pengo said...

This from Josh:

What races through a man's mind? Hit the road with cartoonist Pengo in pursuit of the finish line - dashing through relationships, hurdling over heartbreak, and threading through the Five Boroughs in a record quarter century ... and time is running out.

40 words. My feeling is, if "dashing" and "hurdling" are you-understood, switching the object to "making his way" gets awkward. "Threading" is maybe not the perfect word, but I like the alliteration. I thought about going for the magic three, but you already used "races", and "running" and "rushing" don't really seem right.

Bubble said...

What races through a man's mind? Hit the road with cartoonist Pengo pursuing the finish line: threading through relationships; hurdling heartbreak; dashing through the Five Boroughs in a record quarter-century ... and time is running out.I believe that is 36 words.