Sunday, May 03, 2009

So hot right now

Since I first began 1) being skinny and 2) working on my feet all day (this was back in 2001) I started developing a recurrent muscle pain in my back, just inside my right shoulder blade. It is a constant area of tension.

In addition, and this part is weirder, I will occasionally have a sharp pain in the muscles of my abdomen, a small pain, a "spot" pain, just below the ribcage, off-center right. I believe I am a man entirely out of balance.

Bad news, of a sort. I let the May 1st deadline go by without signing up for the 09 NY Marathon. That is all right, it is actually a relief not having that also clamoring for attention inside my head. As it is I am up at 5 am for a Sunday morning run, and I am pleased this is by choice, and not by compulsion or schedule.

In other news, I may be headed to New York this summer, anyway. Stay tuned.

2001 Playlist
Samba Da Benção (4 Hero Remix) - Bebel Gilberto
This Charming Man - Stars
Start the Commotion - Wiseguys
August Day Song (Château Flight Mix) - Bebel Gilberto
Crescendolls - Daft Punk
Get the Party Started - P!nk
Lucky and Unhappy - AIR
Packt Like Sardines in a Crushd Tin Box - Radiohead

Distance: 3.25 miles
Temperature: 48º
Weight: 151.5 lbs.

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