Sunday, May 02, 2010

We're headed for disaster

As I was approaching Mayfield Road, it began to rain. I hadn't thought of that. It never rained very hard, just a light, pleasing rain.

Except it got my clothes wet. One word: nipples. Did I think to wear band-aids? Yes. Did I actually do that? No. And I am bleeding.

My knee felt good today, my left knee. But I wore my brace to make sure. And it felt good and strong all through the run. But my right knee was sore by the time I made it to my turnaround, and made the return journey less than pleasing.

But I made it. I walked around the Indian Cultural Garden. I read all the plinths. And I looked admiringly into the face of the old man. What powerful, thin legs. I need new flip-flops. And I was inspired to start practicing yoga.

I ran ten miles. God willing, I will be there with you in two weeks.

Distance: 10 miles
Temperature: 66ยบ
Weather: light rain
Weight: 158.5 lbs.

Now for a soak in a Dead Sea salt bath and a handful of naproxen.

1980 Playlist
Kit Mambo - Graham Gouldman
The Other Way of Stopping (165 bpm) - The Police
Once In A Lifetime - Talking Heads
Let My Love Open The Door (To Your Heart) (164 bpm) - Pete Townshend
Girl U Want (173 bpm) - Devo
Coming Up (Live) - Paul McCartney
Same Old Scene - Roxy Music
Ten Feet Tall - XTC
Can You Feel It - The Jacksons
Let's Do Rock Steady - Bodysnatchers
Whip It (158 bpm) - Devo
Physical (You're So) - Adam Ant
With You I Can Run Forever - Graham Gouldman
Go For It - Graham Gouldman
Call Me - Blondie
Don't Stand So Close To Me - The Police
Bionic Boar - Graham Gouldman
Turning Japanese (179 bpm) - The Vapors
Antmusic (162 bpm) - Adam and the Ants
He Can't Love You - Michael Stanley Band
Magic - Olivia Newton John
Enola Gay - Orchestral Manuevers in the Dark
Ah! Leah! - Donnie Iris
High Fidelity - Elvis Costello & the Attractions
Any Way You Want It - Journey
Love's Not For Me - Graham Gouldman
You Make My Dreams Come True (166 bpm) - Hall & Oates
You May Be Right - Billy Joel


Yuri said...
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Yuri said...

That's an awesome playlist my man. Reminds me of the good old 80s when we used to wear tight jeans and neon yellow shirts. Actually, that's back in style now - damn. Anyways, keep up the great work and I'm sure you'll kick butt in the big race.

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