Sunday, June 27, 2010

I'm an angel. I will take you to Jesus.

Headachy and a little queasy this morning. That, children, is why it is bad to sleep in on Sundays. End of sermon.

Temperature: 77º

Hard to say exactly what I ran. A little stuck this morning, I didn't really want to get up but I wasn't sleeping. This was between 7 AM and 7.20. Got up, ate yesterday's bagel (they have refrigerators in the rooms here, which is so cool - I have had bananas waiting for me every morning, and a cool post-run Gatorade) and tried to figure out what to do. Show starts at 3.30. Leah and I were talking brunch last night but I haven't been able to reach her.

So I suited up, and headed out around 8 AM. My head was swelling, which is a bad sign. I tried drinking water before I left but my stomach rebelled, and now my throat was dry. It was muggy, threatening to rain - but not raining. This would be bad. I made it through what I thought were a larger than normal number of tourists to get to the Park and went in. Then my phone rang.

It was Andrew! Shit, I'd forgotten about Andrew. Brunch? 11? West Side? Sure. Sitting and talking, after running a mile and a half, I felt a lot better and kept heading through the park. I had no intention of going around the Reservoir. But there was some race going on, and I had to navigate that.

Damn. I really need to check the race schedules before I come into any city. A 5-miler for charity beginning at 8 AM? I could have made that.

I stopped at Bethesda Terrace. Hello, angel. A sax player was keeping us company but there were otherworldly voices coming from beneath the lower passage. A sextet of children, singing in harmony to classic music. I had no change for them, but I listened.

The race made the next part of the journey a lot of stopping and going and eventually I was clear and free and left the park to return here. I am now clear-headed, showered and shaved, and ready to join Andrew for brunch.

The Y has great facilities, I am really enjoying my stay here. You can see the treadmills and the elliptical machines from the lobby - they are the backdrop for the check-in desk. Wide-screen TVs. Air conditioning.

I don't get it.

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